About Arthur Hammons

     Arthur Hammons, has special expertise on the core issues that people face on a daily basis.  His Keynote presentation and book, “Yes, You Can Do This” speak to the heart of addressing how to set and reach your goals.  People leave his presentations and seminars feeling more focused, centered, capable and able to know what they want and how to have it.  Arthur stimulates thinking, dreaming and accomplishing.  His audiences go back to work with a sense of personal empowerment and the tools to craft a plan for generating health, wealth, better relationships and productiveness in their workplace.

     Arthur is the kind of leader you want to learn from and follow.  He has officiated at more than 4,000 weddings.  He has enjoyed 38 years as CEO of a large successful ministry.  As host of the popular TV program “There Is A Way”, Arthur drew an audience of over one million viewers each week for 10 years.  He has co-authored the book “Out Of Your Mind” and is putting the finishing touches on his second one “Yes, You Can Do This...Charting Your Way To Life’s Richest Treasures”.  Arthur’s easy going, conversational style and great sense of humor helps those in his audience find options and possibilities within themselves on their journey of self discovery.

     Arthur is a keynote speaker, husband, father, athlete, equestrian, artist, and author. Arthur applies street-smart strategies for achieving outstanding results in times of change and challenge.  He is uniquely qualified to address audiences of 5 to 500, and more.  He delivers an inspirational can-do keynote; a content-rich general session, a hands-on workshop and/or day long seminars.  Arthur’s presentations are tailored to issues of concern for the company he speaks to, including strategies for developing a system for staying focused and performing at one’s best daily.  Arthur’s one-of-a kind philosophy has the right combination of wisdom, insights, ideas and passion that are practical and can be implemented immediately.  Arthur will provide your people with what they need to know about identifying their goals and desires and bringing them to accomplishment.

     Arthur is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is a seasoned veteran, of inspiring and helping people discover and build the life they want.

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G. Arthur Hammons


Arthur Hammons is the right speaker for your meeting or event if:

•Your group consists of people who have goals and dreams which are often delayed by lesser priorities.

•You want to convey to your employees that you sincerely care about      

  them both on the job and when they are at home with their families.

  Also, you believe that success at work makes life better at home and

  vice versa.

     You want your group to reach higher levels of success for your 

     company and for themselves, and enjoy the process.

     They want to be more productive, get more done and feel 

     better at the end of the day.

     You want a content rich presentation delivered with humor, l  

     logic and sincerity conveying that your company cares about 

     their people and wants to help them realize their personal 

     goals and needs.   


     You want a presentation and presenter that will jumpstart your

     people’s enthusiasm for developing their potential. Arthur’s keynote

     and seminars inspire people to identify the steps they need to take to

     become more successful. He wants to make sure your people are

     aware of your interest in their success and that they are positioned

     and headed in the most positive direction. He stresses the importance

     of being goal oriented and focused while maintaining the momentum

     that will lead to success.



Fees can vary, depending on how you use Arthur and his services.  Here are some variables to consider when planning your meeting and creating a budget for him.

    The type of presentation:

    Keynote, general session or breakout workshop

    Multiple Presentations:

    Different, or the same presentation, to 5 times

    Gifting A Copy Of Arthur’s Book: 

    A book for each person attending the meeting

    Length Of Presentation:

    A Keynote for 45 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min or a full day - 6 hours


    Travel, Hotel and out of pocket expenses

    Licensing Fee:

    For permission to audio or video tape Arthur’s presentation


    Arthur will make every effort to personalize his program exclusively for

    your company and your audience


    Your choice between paying in full upfront or a 50/50 payment option.     

    A typical investment on your behalf can equal what suits your

    budget, plus travel, hotel and out of pocket expenses.

    Please call Arthur directly to discuss how he can best meet what you

    need and want for the audience he will be serving.

Call Arthur at (619) 851-0203

eMail Arthur at Garthurhammons@aol.com