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"THIS Chapter of Your Life"

You are the author of your own life story. Your life is like a book, filled with many chapters. THIS chapter is the one that counts the most because THIS chapter is the one you have the most power to make your best.

Past chapters are a record of success, failure, growth, and accomplishment. Some past chapters have been exciting, some dull, and some painful. They tell your story. Of all your chapters THIS one, where you are right now, and who you are right now, is the one you can create and use to make the most of yourself. You can be transformed by what you can learn, not by what you think you know.

$10.00 — $15.00

"A Survival Guide for When You Know Who Hates Your Guts"

DEDICATION: To all the “You-Know-Whos” I’ve encountered on my journey of self-discovery: I learned much from your efforts to destroy my happiness and dreams. I’ve learned to transform your negative energy into inspiration for developing understanding, forgiveness, and love. Thank you for the survival skills I’ve learned to use to create the life I want.

The strategies in this book will help you:
•  Lessen your stress
•  Gain self-control
•  Understand the power you have over your feelings
•  Help eliminate the stress and discomfort of those around you

$10.00 — $15.00

"Yes! You Can Do This! Charting Your Way To Health, Wealth & Success"

Yes! You Can Do This! Charting Your Way To Health, Wealth & Success  will help you expand the way you think about your potential while inspiring you to bravely go into unexplored territory, make great discoveries about yourself and develop new awareness that will upgrade your life. You will be inspired by practical ideas and guidance, heart warming stories and illustrations. This book is like a treasure chest filled with maps that will show you the way to set and accomplish your goals and increase your own health, wealth and success!